OpenDev is an annual event focused at the intersection of composable open infrastructure and modern applications. The 2018 collaborative event focused on continuous integration, deployment and delivery (CI/CD). OpenDev CI/CD was a two-day event co-located with the OpenStack Summit, a much larger-scale, four-day conference. OpenDev CI/CD ran Tuesday-Wednesday in parallel with the the OpenStack Summit that ran Monday-Thursday. All CI/CD related content during the week will be scheduled inside the OpenDev event.

Join open source CI/CD communities at the Open Infrastructure Summit Denver in April 2019 to collaborate, contribute, and hear the latest user stories.

Allison Randal - University of Cambridge
Andy Glover - Spinnaker, Netflix
Clint Byrum - GoDaddy
James Blair - Zuul
Fatih Degirmenci - XCI, Ericsson
Elizabeth K. Joseph - Apache Mesos, Mesosphere
Mathias Meyer - TravisCI
Steven Kim - Spinnaker, Google

Innovate, Continuously

The past decade has seen a massive shift in how companies use software to create strategic advantages in their business. And in a software defined economy, speed of delivery is a key metric for every organization that wants to stay competitive. The days of annual, monthly or even weekly releases are long gone, and today’s most mature organizations ship code many times every day. To enable this, software delivery today takes advantage of new technology and methods to automate and manage the process of getting code from developers to production.

How Opendev can help to

Advance the future of CI/CD

OpenDev is designed to facilitate collaboration at a technical level with productive, working space, in addition to lightning talk presentations

Targeted outcome includes:

Education on best practices for high speed software delivery

Documentation open technologies and architecture for building robust automate software management

Building CI systems for open communities

Who Should Attend

This event is for technical experts in automated testing, continuous integration and rapid software delivery. Users with real world CI/CD use cases including Jenkins, Spinnaker, Zuul, Mesos, TravisCI and other open source tools are also encouraged to attend. 

Format & Organization

OpenDev is a two-day event comprised of keynotes, collaborative discussions, presentation talks and architecture show-and-tells.

OpenDev is co-located with the OpenStack Summit, in the same venue, but in a dedicated space on it’s own floor of the Vancouver Convention Centre. OpenDev will run Tuesday-Wednesday in parallel with the the OpenStack Summit that runs Monday-Thursday. All CI/CD related content during the week will be scheduled inside the OpenDev event.

OpenStack Summit attendees with full access level passes will be able to attend OpenDev with their Summit badge. However, attendees who only wish to participate in OpenDev and not the week-long Summit content may register separately specifically for OpenDev.

While OpenDev is underwritten and primarily organized by the OpenStack Foundation, the focus is on bringing together composable open infrastructure technologies across communities and industries. The programming committee is made up of experts across open source communities, with a particular focus on CI/CD for 2018. A limited number of sponsors will also help with funding.

Code of conduct

All attendees of the OpenDev event must follow the OpenStack community Code of Conduct.

What to find out more?

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